About Us

About Us

Professional and Expert Construction Material Sourcing & Procurement

At PAP, we understand our clients requirements very well and implement this in our procurement process. We offer a full sourcing solution from supplier selection to shipping. PAP takes in hand the whole process of procurement, we are flexible to adjust our steps following our clients needs.

Procurement Process

Our procurement process from the start to the final phase of our work:

Our Core Values

We Are Proud of Our Performance

PAP works as sourcing team in Chinese and other markets to ensure the fulfillment of your requirements. We can help you to avoid common mistakes and grow your business quickly and efficiently especially if you have lack of experience in sourcing.

What We Stand For

Why Choose Us

Reasons For Choosing Us

Expertise & Experience

We know the ins and outs of procurement in sourcing markets. We are ready to work with your tender & BOQ and fulfil your requirements.

Great Network

We work hard every day conducting research and visiting tradeshows to ensure our procurement matches your requirements and expectations.

Saving Time & Money

We purchase directly from factory sources. This way we help our clients save up to %50 compared to local procurement prices by avoiding markups and margins added by trading companies, retailers or other middle-men.

Quality Material

We check and improve the quality of products by evaluating factories, inspecting the first sample, checking the finished products and ensuring professional loading.

Highly Skilled Team

Our team has rare combination and vast experience record in sourcing and delivering.

Accredited Services & Products

Our services and products are accredited and in full compliance with your requirements as well as the international and countries laws and regulations.

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