Quality Management

Quality management is subdivided into two areas Quality Assurance and Quality Control, knowing each customer’s requirements are different, we take quality management system certificate as base, and attach higher requirements.

We provide a flexible quality management to ensure that every production must meet your requirements and specification.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the process of confirming whether the supplier factory quality requirements met or not. It is related to how a process is performed or how a product is made focusing on whole process, so it is more process oriented.


Pre-selection Inspection:

This step is taken before the selection of the factory, after completing the primary analysis among many factories which can fulfil your requirements we evaluate them deeply and look to the following parameters:

  • Adequate equipment and machinery
  • In house practices for quality control
  • Trained staff
Factory Audit:

Every supplier factory is evaluated to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services, our verification include sustainable environment, safety, capabilities of delivery goods in timing and quality, manufacturing facilities, certification and health.

Conformity to Requirements:

For ensuring high quality, we collaborate with our customers to prepare a checklist including all details, requirements and end finishing products parameters. This checklist is a document that clarifies the parameters that are needed by the production company to produce your goods. These can include labels, color, dimensions, appearance, smooth edges, product weight, material, etc… After we finish the checklist and coordinated with our customer to fulfil all requirements, we communicate with the supplier factory and ensure all the included parameters and clearly defined so that any confusion can be solved. We are totally aware to admit a check list having the following criteria:

  • Easy to use
  • Addresses all elements of the production
  • Elaborates the instructions in a bilingual form to ensure the supplier could understand what is written

Quality Control

Quality control is the process of confirming the inspection aspect of quality management focusing on final product. It focuses on the initial evaluation of the production processes, and defined all the parameters that guarantee reliable, satisfactory and economically sound production, so it is more product oriented.


Pre-production Inspection:

We evaluate and test the preparation of suppliers materials, facilities, machinery, raw materials to ensure its ability to produce your order as per your requirements. If we find any errors during our investigations, we will negotiate a solution.

First-article Inspection:

Before the bulk production starts, we checked the first sample for any errors and functionality, and that to detect any problem or mis compliance from the beginning and develop your product to high competitive level.

In-process Inspection:

PAP perform an in-process inspection during the bulk production to ensure the high integrity and compliance of specifications already approved and included in the contract. This step magnifies the quality of your product and classify it at highest
Competitive product list.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

We check the product quality and quantity to ensure everything meets the quality control and exact numbers of checklist.


We ensure the accurate shipments loading process to prevent any damage during transportation and guarantee a safe arrival.

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